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Buckner/Superior New SPV (Plastic Valve)

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buckner superior valve

  • Available in 1″, 1 ½ “, and 2” sizes
  • Low Flow Capability
  • Normally Closed, Forward-Flow Design
  • Internal & External Bleed
  • Time Tested Internal Components
  • Constructed of Glass-Filled Nylon
  • Dirty & Recycled Water Protection
  • Scrubbing Rod & Filter System
  • Stainless Steel Molded Studs
  • Optional Pressure Regulator
  • 5 year Warranty


Constructed of glass-filled nylon housing with heavy-duty brass and stainless steel internal parts, the Superior SPV provides maximum durability and reliability in the widest range of applications, whether it is for commercial field use or for your irrigation system.


The internals of the SPV parallel that of the existing Superior 950 valves and are fully interchangeable.


The Superior SPV offers design and performance flexibility for a range of applications, as the valve operates with flow rates as low as .25 GPM for the 1” valve size.  The SPV is built to handle pressures up to 200 psi. 


The design of Superior’s two-piece diaphragm assembly positions the diaphragm above the seat disc, making it further removed from the water path and any potentially damaging particulates. The stainless steel Superior Shield provides enhanced protection, deflecting away any debris that might come near the diaphragm. The EPDM diaphragm provides reliable protection against harsh chlorine content often found in recycled water.


  • Pressure Regulation is available by adding the Superior PRS-MOD
  • For use with battery operated controllers, the SPV has an available DC latching solenoid
  • Recycled water identification is available by adding “RW” to the model number for the purple cross handle.


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