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landscape care products

Landscape Care Products

Bayer Advanced

Bayer Advanced lawn and garden products take the guesswork out of application and give you ways to effectively protect and nurture your lawn, garden and home with less effort. Their one-step solutions make it easy to feed and protect lawns, trees, shrubs, roses and flowers through every season and every stage of development.


BEST® manufactures and markets a wide variety of turf products including general turf fertilizers, controlled-release fertilizers, fertilizers for tees and greens, and herbicide combinations. Professional turf managers count on the consistent performance of BEST® fertilizers, from the uniform distribution of our homogeneous N-P-K pellets to the top controlled-release technologies like GAL-XeONE® and UMAXX®.


EZ-FLO is a world leader in fertigation injection equipment and provides the ultimate solution for fertilizing through your drip irrigation system. EZ-FLO has a 20 year history of unsurpassed quality, reliability and ease of use which has set EZ-FLO apart from many competing technologies.


For more than 50 years, Gilmour® has delivered smart solutions for your watering, gardening and cleaning needs.

Gro Power

Gro-Power, Inc. is a Humas-based/Soil Conditioner, fertilizer manufacturing company since 1966. All Gro-Power products contain true Humus, Humic Acids and beneficial soil bacteria and are free of waste products, such as animal waste, poultry litter, sewage sludge or toxic mine tailings.

Grow More

Grow More Inc. provides an extensive product line for a variety of markets worldwide. Grow More manufacturers fertilizers, wetting agents, organic fertilizers, micro-nutrients, and soil amendments.

Kellogg Garden Products

Kellogg Garden Products produces organic soils and fertilizers to help grow healthy vegetable gardens, beautiful flower beds.

OreGro Seeds Incorporated

OreGro Seeds Inc. provides a full line of products, proprietary and public seeds for Turf, Forage and Erosion control and is based in Oregon. OreGro's research can custom select, or finish varieties to your specification.

Pacific Sod

Pacific Sod is California's first and finest sod grower, backed by their industry leading full one year guarantee. Their line includes trusted Medallion varieties best for beauty and toughness.

Stover Seed Company

Stover Seed Company, since 1922 has remained one of the leading seed providers for turf-grasses, flower seeds, native grasses and flowers, erosion control seeds and materials, pasture and rangeland seeds.

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